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 What you should be focusing on as a Facility Manager

Common Facility Management Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Most facility managers tackle numerous facility management challenges to effectively keep their office buildings, equipment, and infrastructure in good shape. However, things can become quite complicated, and various issues can arise unexpectedly  The key here is to recognize these challenges quickly and establish the most efficient ways to resolve these issues. Let’s quickly take you […]

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Career Path In Facility Management

Choosing a career path in facility management is most definitely not what you would choose to become while growing up if you were asked as you must have seen yourself as a doctor, lawyer, or even an accountant. Nevertheless, facility management is a career path worth considering especially right now because it has a wide […]

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Max-Migold Graduation Ceremony

Let’s have a great time this Saturday! Visit https://forms.gle/TGDGrdpU1USSrgmq9 to reserve a seat for you and your friends at the Max-Migold FM Master Craft 2022 Graduation Ceremony and Party. You will receive a QR code ticket which you will present to be admitted at the event. FMMC Class of 2022 Graduation ceremony  Date: Saturday, 17th […]

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