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A plumbing problem can be categorized as high risk and can cause serious issues within a facility. However, at specific periods, everyone will experience one plumbing issue or the other ranging from a simple clog or something dire such as a flood. The approach to such problems is essential when they occur and how you resolve your plumbing is crucial to minimize these unpleasant occurrences. 


  • Hurry-up Fixes: The major problem of why there is a hurry-up fix is sometimes it’s easy to think that rushing through a plumbing job is a good idea. The fact is that rushing during plumbing work is never smart, regardless of how pressured you may feel. The failure to turn off the water during simple plumbing jobs can result in gushing water-fountain nightmare rather than having a calm, quick, neat job. When in doubt, turn it off to be on the safe side. 


  • Mismatched Pipes & fittings: The principal and most common mistake in fitting two pipes together is the wrongful use of materials and size. When installing at least two pipes of different sizes together, much consideration should be the proper connecting piece. The connecting piece should be used to ensure proper sealing. Some plumbers feel because pipes are held together, then they are connected but fail to confirm if it is properly connected. Another common mistake is connecting a galvanized metal pipe to a copper pipe. These various types of materials react differently to each other, and the connection point will corrode very quickly, thereby leading to leaks. Brass or other suitable fittings are suitable to connect these materials. Inappropriate usage of fittings in a plumbing system will reduce the effective delivery of water and cause precise breakdowns within the system due to high pressure within the pipes. The proper joints in a plumbing system will help sustain and maximize the efficient flow of water within the system. The best suitable fittings at all points are necessary. 


  • Crooked Installation: It is a common oversight, and it’s one that can negatively alter the function and appearance of a new project. Using a level will take just seconds, and it can help you avoid irritating and costly repairs. Plumbing processes is to be handled by skilled professionals for a better and moderate project. An experienced plumber is to follow the necessary steps of installation during a new project. Simple tools & implements are expected to be used, such as a plumb levelling line, Adjustable pipe Wrench, plumber tape, tubing cutter, etc.  


  • Overuse of Drain Cleaner: The overuse of harsh cleaning agents for drains can eat away the pipes, it’s either made of metal or PVC. Using it periodically will make sense with no side effects. However, if some clogs are retained in the drain, the use of harsh cleaning agents can do more harm than good.We often regard pipes as materials which are hard to damage easily. The overuse of cleaning agents eventually eats up the pipes. The moment a drain clogs repeatedly, it is recommended you employ a skilled plumber who will use a snake tool for the removal of clogs. 


  • Tackling Jobs Beyond Your Skill Level: This is the biggest and costly mistake which is caused by home users. Some home users believe in a Do It Yourself approach to specific plumbing issues within the home. Tackling a plumbing job beyond your skill level will result in a waste of time, resources, and money. Also, mishandling a situation can cause more damage to an existing plumbing system.It is recommended employing a qualified and skilled professional on any job that involves the disconnection of significant pipes, hidden pipes within floors & walls, reconfiguration of plumbing systems, etc. It’s a smart & safe idea to pay an experienced plumber now than call him later for repairs after the damage has occurred. 




Plumbing mistakes can be avoided by engaging a qualified & experienced plumber to fix new projects, repairs and maintenance within the system. Using the right tools & materials for any job in plumbing saves you further damage, cost, resources and most importantly, time. Best practices in plumbing are the way to enjoy quality delivery and value for money. 



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