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Most facility managers tackle numerous facility management challenges to effectively keep their office buildings, equipment, and infrastructure in good shape. However, things can become quite complicated, and various issues can arise unexpectedly 

The key here is to recognize these challenges quickly and establish the most efficient ways to resolve these issues.

Facility management

Let’s quickly take you through some crucial facilities management challenges that organizations can potentially face.

Lack of Facility Information Availability

Inadequate or zero access to accurate facility information is often caused by outdated or paper-based processes, which leads to extra work and slower operations. This absence of information leads to field teams being unable to access the necessary facility data 

Solution: Make sure the leadership team has a clear view of operations and any other essential information needed to support decisions and have them document it.

Inefficient Facility Compliance

Several companies face the problem of having complex compliance operations that need excessive time to execute. Often, in firms with manual reporting and compliance procedures, their capability to perform in other areas is hampered. 

Solution: Instead of relying on outdated procedures, several companies rely on almost completely paperless processes. Paperless offices have more manageable and efficient compliance procedures, have minimized the risk of loss of information, free up more time and resources for the company and offer better access and insight.

Facility management

Constant damage control

Facility managers always have to be efficient in their jobs and be at the top of their game. As a facility manager, you’ll need a good damage prevention and control maintenance plan. You will constantly receive urgent calls where you need to determine the next course of action and how to prioritize your tasks at hand, often at very short notice.

Solution: For your organization to function efficiently, minimize expenses on damage, and focus on core business activities, you as the facility manager must be professional in carrying out your duties. Facility managers can professionally monitor the state of the facility while monitoring and tracking the organization’s resources to save expenses and enhance efficiency.


Proper Energy Management

Buildings consume the most energy and cost the organization a large chunk of its profit. In today’s world, facility managers look for the best energy management plan that can help them control various resources.

Solution: As a facility manager, you can control costs by becoming more environmentally friendly. This includes:

  • Opting for simple practices, such as increasing the usage of natural light
  • Shifting to LED lighting
  • Using technology to monitor and minimize energy wastage.

facility management

At Max Mi-Gold, We can help you Tackle These Challenges.

We offer efficient, effective, and modern facilities management solutions and training that help FMs to resolve any facilities management challenges they might face. Our products and services include training, facility advisory, energy maintenance, recruitment, facility management technology, asset management, document digitization, facility quality audit, etc.

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