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Unconscious Bias



There are two categories of bias in studies today:  conscious or explicit biases and unconscious or implicit biases.  Unconscious bias is usually thought of as social stereotypes that typically focus on others that are not from the same conscious area.  Here are some quick facts about unconscious bias:

  • Unconscious bias is more common than the conscious or explicit bias.
  • Unconscious bias may not concur with the conscious bias of an individual.
  • Unconscious bias may be triggered by an event or situation.


Workshop Objectives:

  • Define various types of unconscious biases.
  • Identify where these biases come from and how they are ingrained in our decision making.
  • Successfully confront unconscious biases individually.
  • Identify the effects of unconscious biases in the workplace.
  • Exhibit how to implement unconscious bias-based training in the workplace.
  • Identify the steps for handling an unconscious bias-based complaint at work.

Module One: Getting Started

Module Two: What is Unconscious Bias? 

Module Three: Types of Unconscious Bias (I) 

Module Four: Types of Unconscious Bias (II) 

Module Five: Types of Unconscious Bias (III) 

Module Six: Effects on Company

Module Seven: Mitigating Unconscious Bias

Module Eight: Training

Module Nine: Promote Inclusion

Module Ten: Benefits

Module Eleven: Handling Complaints

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

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