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  1. Have a Fire Safety Plan and post them on public area. Fire Safety Plans provide occupant safety in the event of a fire and allows effective usage of the building’s fire safety features. Fire safety plans also to minimize the possibility of fires. A good fire safety plan should include emergency procedures, preventative maintenance processes, and instructions on what to do during a fire.

  1. Fire alarm system.Having a working fire alarm system is critical for all buildings, but more so for high buildings. An alarm system is designed to alert people when a fire breaks out, giving them more time to evacuate. This is crucial for high buildings because more people needs to be evacuated and they all have to use the stairs. You can choose from the many types of fire alarms like smoke detectors, thermal detectors, sprinkler flow switches etc.


  1. Automatic fire-suppressing systems (sprinklers) should be installed on every floor of the building.Having sprinklers installed helps put out the fire and prevents it from getting bigger. Fire suppression systems help control fire and prevents it from spreading to another area.


  1. Fire-resistant construction.High rise building should be designed and constructed using fire-resistant materials so the fire won’t easily spread. The building should also be separated into compartments to prevent the fire from spreading to the other levels or areas.


  1. Fire escapes.The only way to evacuate the building during a fire is through the stairs. Aside from the usual fire escape, high rise buildings should have interior fire-proof stairwell shafts. This stairwell should have signs indicating which floor level you are on and also the   nearest crossover floors. Having an interior fire-proof stairwell increases the chance of surviving for the occupants.

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