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The first step to owning a property today either newly built or an old property is a conscious decision on making plans to actually acquire one, this involves carrying out a research via website, newspapers, and magazine that have real estate listings e.g Castle for the Nigeria market. A real-estate professional can also be engaged, they provide helpful information on homes neighborhood. It is also important to interested homes of interest, how long they are been listed for and changes in the asking price. This would help in the budget preparations and property interest. In purchasing a property it is usually recommended that potential property owners should look for homes usually not more than 5 times the annual income of their household, however, this might not be possible as most property sellers require an outright payment. An affordable budget should also be made to validate the property search and accounts.

Using mortgage service is also an option when deciding to own a property. To be entitled to a mortgage, you must be able to pass the prequalifying stage by providing some financial information to your mortgage banker. This would include, annual income, savings, and investments, paychecks and account statement. These documents are verified to determine your eligibility and credit status.

It is important that you visit and inspect your various homes and properties that might be of interest, during the house hunt tour take pictures and notes as this would also aid you final decision on home choice. It is necessary to check the plumbing work,  try the electrical systems, check the strength of the security, open and close windows and doors including fitted cabinets and wardrobe.

After shortlisting a few property, get professional eyes to carefully inspect these properties. This inspection would mostly involve checking for structural damages this inspection can also pose as an opportunity for renegotiation in the event of significant material damage. If purchase is made via a mortgage service, there is usually necessary to use an experienced, responsive mortgage bank and It is also Important to keep the monthly payments as low as possible and they never increase. The mortgage institution would also carry out an independent appraisal of the property to determine the value, this would enable both parties know the fair price for the property.

Commence a proper search on the property including the status of the property, if the property has court of litigation cases and the owners. If property is clean all paperwork can be signed and monetary transfer made.

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