The Why?

1. FM Definition: The International Facility Management Association defines “Facility management as a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure the functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process, and technology”. So long as you will always have people, or places (built/unbuilt), processes or technology in any configuration, Facility Management will always thrive. This applies even if you decide to move to Venus. You’re welcome.

2. Technical Skills $ Competency:

You have a lot of people who label themselves as FMs, Managers, etc. Great.
Do you know how Air Conditioners work?
Do you know how to create asset registers?
Do you know how to conduct Facility Audits?
Do you know how to perform a professional Risk Assessment of Facilities?
Do you understand the expanse of Strategic Facility Management?
Do you understand the dynamic nature of Facility Management Strategies?
Can you perform trusted Facility Condition Assessments?

If the answer to any of the above questions is No, you’re welcome to join the class and learn regardless of your qualifications or discipline. Make no mistake, this is no ballroom dance. As a Facility Manager of decent stock, people’s lives will be in your hands. Entire businesses will depend on you. You cannot afford not to excel. You cannot afford a reactionary approach or a failed mentality. Hence, we exact stringent standards. We build tomorrow’s competent and professional FMs today.

3. Cross-Discipline and Entrepreneurship Potential: It really doesn’t matter what discipline you’re coming from. Facility Management will always give you an edge. We believe in building tomorrow’s Leaders. Look around you. Consider our current maintenance culture as individuals, businesses and our nation. Impressed? We are born to be entrepreneurs. What kind of entrepreneurs and Leaders would we be if we do not understand in-depth the requirements of a Sector that imposes the Heaviest costs on business, economics, and nations?