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1. Meet the Neighbors.

When buying a house in an area of choice, have a friendly chat with those living around that area to determine what kind of area you are about to invest in, have there been any neighborly disputes? Ask too about any works the current owners have carried out. are they troublemakers around. have a friendly chat talk to security agents around, you never can tell they may have the best advice for you.

  1. Check the Internal Wall Plastering for Fine Cracks.

 Some properties may look good from the surrounding but inside it, there are cracks from unprofessional builders who handled the construction.

The walls maybe cracked and covered with paints. the foundation might not be solid enough and this might also lead to crack in the walls. These cracks are caused by the incorrect application of the wall plastering at the time of construction.

Once these cracks are found in one area of the property you will usually find it in multiple areas.

  1. Research the Local Area.

Don’t rush to buy a property from any property agent, Property Owners etc. A lot of people have fallen victim of buying a government-owned property and end up losing it back to the government. Why? this is because the failure to carry out the due investigation on the property at hand before buying and this have led to the loss of money.

  1. Flush the Toilets

The restroom is a very important part of the building, it must be kept clean at all time, so you need to ensure that all the toilets in the building are in good working condition. and water can flow.  Although they’re easy enough to replace or fix, they are different types in the market but getting the good ones should be a priority, If you’re dissatisfied, call the attention of the building agent or get a refund.

  1. Find out Why the Property is on the Market

Market Survey is a skill you need to adopt when looking for a house to buy. Ask the agent why they are selling, ask Questions, try to dig into the story a little but do it in a chatty friendly way, not a confrontational way. This might reveal more than you think.”

  1. Visit the Property at Different Times

“I once sold to a client who was selling after only a short amount of time in the property,” says Munro Smith. “When I asked what the reason was for the sale, she confided that she had only seen the property once before the sale, on a Wednesday. She fell in love with it being across the road from a park and had big dreams of walking her dog there on weekends and enjoying the peace and quiet. What she didn’t realize was that there was children’s sport in the park at the

  1. Get Legal Advice

Many Land buyers ignore this part when trying to buy land, they tend to use head knowledge of the fact that they are familiar with the area and they can’t be cheated. This is simply a must when signing a contract in the property Market. “Always get a layer trained in property matters to avoid misunderstanding the terms and conditions.


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