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When speaking, your comportment is as important as the words coming out of your mouth. It doesn’t matter how great your product or marketing skills, poor body language will lose you sales.

Fortunately, body language can be improved. Below are a few ways you can instantly improve your body language and customer relationship:

  1. Nervous hands

Avoid balling your hands into fists as this will appear threatening to some people. Always keep your hands where the listener can see them preferably not in your pockets.

  1. Avoiding eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is a delicate balancing act. A person who can keep good eye contact will appear confident and interesting. Too much of it and you appear threatening, too little and you appear to be hiding something or uncomfortable.

  1. Bad posture

Wherever you are, posture matters. Endeavour to keep your back straight and your head up for an instant boost to your self-image. Hanging your head makes you look defeated so also slouching your shoulders. Clients are less likely to take you seriously when you carry yourself in a slouching manner.

  1. Invading personal space

When speaking with clients, aim to stand at a distance of between one to four feet of them. At that distance, you can hear them clearly and appear interested without coming too close to them.

This is more noticeable when speaking with clients of the opposite gender.

Standing closer than one foot are usually reserved for family and friends.

Most of all, remember to smile but keep your smile sincere.

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