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Facility Management is not just about managing a facility effectively. It is the integration of business administration, office architecture, behavioral psychology, and engineering sciences.

In other words, Facility Management encompasses all activities related to keeping a business or an organization in operation.

Facility Management has different levels, you can start at the first level and make it to the top management level.

Hence, Facility managers are employed in all sectors and industries and the diversity of the work is reflected in the wide range of job titles, for example, technical services, operations, estates, and asset or property manager.

They could also be responsible for the fire and life safety issues, indoor air quality (IAQ), sustainable operations, energy metering, HVAC system maintenance, lighting upgrades, reducing maintenance costs, or retrofits and renovation.


Facility Management – How it all started

The primary driver of workplace change is and has been technology. Advancements quickly improve workers’ ability to gather and process information in an anywhere, anytime environment.

Technology is also changing buildings and how they are designed, constructed, and operated.

Facility management software improvements; new developments in how projects are managed, whether large or small; and new requirements for more coaching and people skills are required the new ways of working with knowledge work and mobile workers.

Change management, robotics, augmented and virtual realities, and other new technologies will impact the management of the built environment in ways that we cannot imagine today.

Embracing change and working to stay current on changes are required for effective facility management in the future.

Our watchword at Max-Migold is to “grow competence and develop capacity”.

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